September is here (like we need to be reminded!)

18 Sep
change is here

change is here

 I don’t know about you but right now I’m really resenting the whole fact that summer is very much so behind us. Gone are the days of running through sprinklers or chilling out in the back yard past 8PM and not need a sweater. But this doesn’t mean we need to fall a sleep and wait for spring! Fall is here and there’s plenty to do. Here are a few Green to Go tips to help you forget that the nights are colder and the days shorter!

1) Remember to compost your annual plants in the backyard and plant your mums! They aren’t only pretty but they’ll last right up until first frost!

2) Once a week leave the car at home. Instead either car pool, ride your bike or take the public transit. Remember, car exhaust contribute to global warming (think how bad the winter of 2007/8 was!

3) As the nights continue to cool instead of turning on the furnace just toss another blanket on the bed before going to sleep!


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