Gay – Why Me?

10 Oct

At one point or another the question “Why do I have to be gay?” is asked probably by every single person who is.  No one really knows why some people are gay while others aren’t. There are tons of theories but nothing concrete. Some people say that we are born gay while others assume that it is developed, or learned, as we grow. In my personal story, I chalk it up to this is just who I am. It’s something I can’t change like the colour of eyes or size of my feet.

I think the more important question to ask is: Why is it so important that I know why I’m gay? For those who are struggling with the coming out process or even learning about themselves this may be the most frustrating question to ask. For some, fitting in is the most important in the world. For others it may be abandonment from those they love. The truth is when you do come out and live as gay person you will attract other gay people in your life and ultimately you will fit in.

So please, instead of looking at gay as a sickness look at it as another part of who you are because there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need medication, or theorpy, or some stupid x-gay camp. What do need is time to learn, grow and appreciate who you are.


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