5 things to start the day off right

14 Oct

1. Drink a pint glass of water first thing in the morning. If you don’t like water on its own, squeeze some fresh lime into it.

2. Have a good breakfast. A good bowl of muesli won’t do you harm and neither will some porridge. Both are much better than a fry up.

3. Start off with at least 10 minutes of exercise. Stretch all your body’s larger muscles. Consider doing a brisk walk around the block each morning too.

4. Take in the sun light. I wake up when I see sun. Its energy, invigorating and excitement is absolutely amazing. Get up and spend a minute outside looking up in the sky taking in the morning light. Wrap up warm if it’s cold, but make sure you do it.

5. Fresh juice. I make myself a great carrot, apple and ginger juice daily. There is power in eating or drinking fruit before a meal and drinking a large glass of fresh juice is the best way to get started each day.

One Response to “5 things to start the day off right”

  1. Shanti October 15, 2008 at 11:02 am #

    These are all AWESOME ideas. Thanks!!

    I have been doing my best to get up earlier than the afternoon and make my mornings special but it still feels a little like a fake show because I don’t really wake up until 2-4 PM lately (I know, sad).

    I used to get up at 6AM every day, and while I think that may be excessive because it’s totally not natural for me and unnecessary when I work at home, I really want to be getting up earlier than the late afternoon – I just feel FAIL when I get up that late 😦 I like getting up between 7 and 9 and having a solid morning routine that makes me HAPPY every morning… lately I have’t had that and it makes me feel blah.

    I think stretching and meditating on the day first thing is a great idea. I meditate at night but the morning is a time when I really should be doing it.

    I always eat a hearty, whole and good meal in the morning and I take a shower and drink some good tea – those things I love that I do. But I really think stretching and opening all the blinds and sort of celebrating the new day while waking up is a great plan!

    Thanks for posting this 🙂
    (I write at 4AM… I guess progress is slow going.)

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