How much is too much: Sodium

15 Oct

When we sweat, especially during exercise we not only lose water but also sodium. Replacing both is vital, but frequently people only replace water. A condition can developed called Hyponatremia. It’s caused by low blood sodium – it can have a serious consequences. Symptons include nausea, muscle cramps and confusion but it can be fatal.

Sodium and salt are NOT the same. Sodium is a mineral and constitutes 40% of salt (Sodium choride – choloride is 60% of salt) Sodium is added to foods for the purpose of perserving, processing and flavour.

Hidden Sources of Sodium:

Most Americans consume 4000-6000mg per day because of the hidden forms of salt found in foods.
– Canned or frozen soups
– Luncheon Meats
– Cheeses
– Salad dressing
– Frozen dinners
– Fast Foods
– Bread Products (chicken tenders, fish sticks etc)

How to cut back:
– Eat more fresh fruits and vegatables and unprocessed meats
– Less salted snacks (chips, pretzels and crackers)
– Try using spices or Lemon juice as seasonings instead of salt
– If you use canned foods high in sodium, rinse in a colander under running water for 30 seconds
 – Always choose Low-Sodium Products when possible

**NOTE: The average person should be consuming between 1400 to 2400 mg of sodium per day.


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