Master & Servant

17 Oct

Writing can be a sexual act in itself. Writing for erotica takes it to the next level. Most of us have fantasies but don’t have the balls to live them out – writing can change all that!

It’s like being both the Master, the one commands the order, and the slave, the one who eats it up.

Reading your own porn in public has a built-in exhibitionist element. It’s like yelling “FUCK” in a dark, crowded theatre and not getting caught. It’s a Stiff-stimulating situation. Of course there’s always the internet. Websites can expose your sexual talents to thousands, if not millions of readers.

“It turns me on knowing that some guy is shooting his loading while he reads my stories.”

Get it up boys and write it down! Share what you have with the rest of us. It may just raise more than just an interest 😛

One Response to “Master & Servant”

  1. rousingolivia October 18, 2008 at 4:17 am #

    There are times I want to write to him, and tell him all my submissive kinky fantasies. But, I don’t think he’d appreciate them as I do. What about a girl getting hot reading your stories? Can I read them? where? how? I’m very very new to wordpress

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