Gay News From Around the World

23 Oct

Trans woman claims violation of human rights over marriage refusal
A woman in Malta who has been refused the right to get married to her male partner because she used to be male has challenged the decision in court.

The Director of Public Registry’s decision to refuse to issue marriage banns is a breach of her fundamental human rights, claims Joanne Casser.

In February 2007 Justice Gino Camilleri ordered the director, Anthony Geraldi, to issue the banns on the grounds that the union is legal.

He ruled, as the bride to be has now become a woman, there was no contravention of marriage legislation.

Spanish military LGBT activist releases gay calendar

Albert Marchena and made history by being part of the first ever same-sex civil ceremony to take place between two military men in Spain in 2006.

The Spanish Air Force private, 29, is now no longer with his partner, a fellow private, but has drawn media attention once again by producing a potentially controversial gay calendar.

Mr Marchena’s calendar, Arcoiris, contains images of gay men embracing on an altar wearing only dog collars, a naked angel in a cemetary, and a transsexual crucifixion.

Leader of Austrian right sacked for revealing Haider was his gay lover
The man who had taken over the leadership of right wing political party Alliance for the Future of Austria after the death of Joerg Haider has revealed that they were lovers.

Stefan Petzner, 27, said in a radio interview about Mr Haider’s death last week in a car accident:

“We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship.

“Joerg and I were connected by something truly special. He was the man of my life.”

He also claimed that Haider’s widow, Claudia “loved him as a woman. He loved her as a man. I loved him in a completely different and personal way. She understood that.”

Mr Petzner has been forced to stand down from the leadership and will serve as deputy leader.

The revelation that Mr Haider, 58, was having sex with his young protege has shocked Austria’s fascists.

Joerg Haider had never been open about his homosexuality.

The German and Austrian press outed the married father of two daughters in 2006.

Europe cannot impose recognition of same-sex partnerships says EU Commissioner

The man responsible for the new EU directive on discrimination has said that it is up to individual member states whether or not to legally recognise gay and lesbian relationships.

Vladimir Spidla, the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, said in an interview for Destination Equality magazine that the directive must strike a balance between national competence in family law and the non-discrimination principle.

The magazine is published by gay rights group ILGA Europe. Click here to see a copy.

In July the European Commission adopted a proposal for a directive which provides for protection from discrimination on grounds of age, disability, sexual orientation and religion or belief beyond the workplace.

All goods and services which are commercially available to the public, including housing, will be covered by the directive.

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