Madonna: Don’t cry for her!

23 Oct

I know it’s been said never to use God’s name in Vain, especially when your chosen God of worship is none other than Madonna. But seriously, how stupid does she think we are?

The self proclaimed control freak is now reporting that her soon to be ex-husband Guy Ritchie insisted she buy a 1,200 hundred-acre estate and transport him around the world on private jets to conquer his fear of flying.

‘A source close to Madonna, who announced last week she and Guy are divorcing after nearly eight years of marriage, told gossip website “Guy Ritchie is a fake and a phoney. Guy is not a macho man. Not an English lad. Not a gentleman. Not spiritual. He’s just a money-hungry gold digger that doesn’t want to earn his way.” ‘

Ok – Let’s get real for a second. Aside from fame and fortune, what does this Material Girl really have to offer anyone? She’s controlling, childish, repressed, loud, a bit annoying at times, and without make-up – not pretty. So in saying this, why would anyone under 30 years of age want to marry this woman?

We definitely need to hear both sides of the story, but until then I’m chalking all this up to the fact that in November Madonna is scheduled appear on Oprah and desperately needs new material for her act.

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