Marriage Equality

23 Oct

As a Canadian, I’ve witnessed my country legalize gay marriage, and have our Prime Minister threaten to take it away with no success. I’ve met many gay Americans over the last few years who have been repressed by the Bush Administration and from I can tell is that the GLBT community have been living in the shadows for too long.

Lots of attention has been paid to the Proposition 8 Ballot Initiative/Marriage Equality battle going on in California this fall, and rightly so.  California is a big state, a trend-setting state, and what happens in California is often a harbinger of things to come across the rest of the country (think of the Kemp Property Tax wars of the early ‘80s).  But there are two other states this fall that have similar ballot initiatives related to same-sex marriage:  Arizona and Florida.

Equality isn’t only about getting what everyone else already has. It’s about working together for an equal opportunity for a better future. It’s not right that one group of people can show their love and commitment while another group ‘is not allowed’.

This November 4th, we have a chance to affirm the equality of ALL people under the laws of our states.

Prop 102 in Arizona, Prop 8 in California and Prop 2 in Florida would deny gay people who love each other, live as families, pay taxes and seek to build their communities as healthy, caring and prosperous places to live, the right to marry.



One Response to “Marriage Equality”

  1. johnbisceglia October 23, 2008 at 4:05 pm #

    Here’s what more and more Gay Americans are doing; withholding all federal tax until our FAMILIES and CHILDREN have Marriage Equality.

    Our society and its laws treat us as SUB-Americans. Yet they expect us to pay taxes.

    I seriously doubt we will EVER have equality in other areas of life (military, adoption, hate crimes) until the US government starts to treat our families and children AS WORTHY AS other families. How do we expect to enlist in the military openly, adopt children without discrimination, or walk safely out and about in the world if our HOMES, our FAMILIES, are viewed as SUB-human in the eyes of the law?! What is more important than FAMILY?

    Is SUB-American OK as a tax-payer? R-e-a-l-l-y?

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