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Beans can be deadly

16 Nov


3 Nov

Uncomfortable Clothing

3 Nov

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse6 found that casual and comfortable clothing workdays promote increased physical activity. Specifically, study participants took an average of 491 (or 8%) more steps on Jeans Day than on those days in which they wore normal business attire. It is also estimated that study participants burned an average of 25 additional calories on Jeans Day with the extra steps and miles walked. Wearing casual clothing every day for 50 weeks of work translates into burning an additional 125 calories per week and 6,250 calories per year.

Red Bull Art of Can

3 Nov


Fruit Art

3 Nov

Fruit and Vegetable Art photo

John Lennon – Optical Illusion

3 Nov

Halloween on Church Street Toronto

2 Nov