Love, Click, Enter

19 Feb

When did finding love become almost impossible? And when did 90% of the world become freaks? I’m starting to get the impression that if you live in the city it’s almost certain that you’ll be alone and have random sex for the rest of your life…or until your tits are down to your knees and your ass has been stuffed into your socks.

I’m an online dater….enough said? As I see it, it beats the hell out of getting a drink spilt on you at the bar, or having some drugged out freak of nature slurr his way into your bed.

Ok – let’s back the truck up here a moment. I’m not the guy who stands out in a crowd…well I’m sure I do but the guys aren’t thinking marriage material when they see me. Actually I’m not really sure what they’re thinking.

Right – back to online dating. I promised myself that this wasn’t going to be a dis session or a rant but rather an article listing all my questions directioned at you, the reader.
Have you online dated before? If so what has your experience been like? Write me and tell me all about your story.


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