Gay and Fat: a fate worst than death

25 Feb


It’s a fact, sex sells and it’s never been more profitable than in the gay community.

I got an email from a 15 year old boy. He asks, “Do you feel that being gay and fat is like the biggest crime ever in the gay world?”
Oh My!
He went on to say that gay and skinny go hand and hand. He also said that when he gets older he wants to date and go clubbing and that in order for all this to happen successfully he needs to be thin.
To answer this question honestly I’ll have to dig into the darker side of life. Yes, in most cases you’ll be accepted if you’re thin and beautiful.

The gay community has so many sub-communities in it. There’s the jock types, the twinks, the leather daddies, drag queens, fems, bosses, Circuit Bois, and then there’s the average guy which I and most guys fall into. It’s hard to limit yourself to a specific group of people…and why would you want to?


Like life, the community has an eclectic array of personality types and body types. When a person first comes out all they’re looking for is acceptance from other gay people. The easiest way to do this is join a group like the jocks or leather daddies. If it works great! but what happens when you don’t fit in?

Gay teens have the highest suicide rate in North America. We also have the highest rate eating disorders, poor outlook on body image and the highest drug addiction. Why?


Think about it, it’s hard coming out to family and friends – you may or may not be accepted. There’s the crap you read about – GOD HATES GAYS! Then there’s the social scene, picture it: a room filled with hot, beautiful, half-naked men! Unfortunately you’re not one of them…or so you think. So you feel.

To answer this question I need to be honest and say this:
Lose weight because you want to look good and feel great! Don’t go looking for acceptance from other people. The only approval you should be looking for is from you.

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