Living with Nothing – the new spending

4 Mar

blog-thursday-018They say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonaide. I say when life tosses shit in your face you grab life by the balls, squeeze as hard as you can and rip the pubes out from the root. Well not really. When times are tough you turn to your friends and family, listen, open up and try to figure shit out as fast as possible.

We’re living in tough times right now. What we’re hearing on the news has actually happened to me…I’ve been laid off (again) and living in one of the most expensive cities in the country. So what do I do? I could have started looking for another piece of shit job, and have been sort of happy until I was laid off again. I would have had a faint hope of security but this isn’t what I’m doing. This weekend I start my classes to get my teaching certificate. Tomorrow I’m going to get my passport and by April I’ll be in Italy teaching english. This is the plan.

I’ve sold most of my belongings. Parting with this stuff has been much easier than I thought. In the end, it’s just crap. In the meantime, I’ve started a cleaning business, basically helping people organize their homes and lives. I mentioned it to one friend who mentioned it to another. I’m not really sure how this will unfold but then again I’m only here for a few short weeks so it really doesn’t matter how it’ll turn out.

for more information on ESL Teaching Certificate Oxford Seminars
If you’re in the Toronto area and need help organizing your home contact me


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