Laws of Attraction – The Secret

10 Mar

secret-bookI was out for coffee with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. Something was different about her. Before I had a chance to figure it out on my own she said, “I stopped wearing my glasses.” For as long as I had known her she wore glasses. So now she wasn’t wearing them. Why?
“It’s the Secret.”
What secret?
She then went on to explain that she was reading a book called the Secret and the main message was: the way you think creates reality for yourself. She chose to believe that she didn’t need to wear glasses … crazy as it may sound but when I asked her how long she’d gone without wearing them the time frame was alarming….4 weeks and counting. Slowly, she said her eyes were getting better which of course lead me to search out this book and find out what the hell this was all about.

So I’ve been listening to the audio version of the book and the message is clear, Our thoughts (whether good or bad) creates a reality in which we live. It got me thinking. A couple of weeks before I was laid off work I had a thought. It was as clear as the laptop in front of me. It said that I was boring and time was running out. A month ago, I worked as a closed caption editor. I wasn’t dating. I wasn’t enjoying the city anymore and I hadn’t worked on my novel in months. My days were dull and filled with routine. In fact, I had become the most boring person I knew. I stopped fighting for my turn in conversations. When people cut me off in mid-sentence with a new topic I let them because I didn’t care.
Then I got laid off.
I wasn’t going to be boring anymore! My book was going to get done! Time was never going to be taken for granted ever again!
It was this same friend who I turned to that weekend after I got the news that I was laid off work. She and I ate, brainstormed and shopped. Then she asked the question that would ultimately change my life forever: What do you want to do with your life?
BOOM! The thought came so fast and was so clear that it shot out into the room with such force that both of us bounced back in surprise. I was going to move to Italy.
I couple of days later, I was enrolled in a teaching english program, and the planning began. In a month or so I’ll be in Italy working as a teacher and writing my book. With fingers crossed I’ll meet the love of my life.  It’s incredible. It’s the secret.

BTW, I’ve completely four chapters and the ideas are floading in!

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