13 Mar

24868PCN_standup Now that I’m out of work and planning to leave the country I have a lot of time to catch up on favorite past times like porn, eating and youtube. I discovered Disneykid1 about 2 months ago and have watch every one of his videos. Most of them have been shot in his bedroom where he re-enacts his days as a early 20’s gay kid. He’s halarious! One of the first videos I watched was ‘Lessons I’ve Learned from Dora the Explorer’  but my favorite vid would have to be ‘It’s The Box’… OMG I died and have been hooked ever since.

His status as a youtube celebrity lead him to join the group channel 5awesomegays where he found not only another outlet to express his talents but love too. Stevie. Together with Tyler, Corey, and the newest addition to the crew Michael, each week they take on a theme where each of the guys will perform/discuss it.

A quote from the 5awesomegays channel page:


We are men.
We are activists.
We are opinionated.
We are special.
We are individuals.
We are motivated.
We are you.
We are us.
We are different.
We are awesome.
We are gay.

But that’s not all we are.


One Response to “Disneykid1”

  1. Joe March 13, 2009 at 8:53 pm #

    aww yay! i’m glad you like the videos. i hope you don’t think it’s weird me reading this entry. google sends me notifications of when my name shows up in blogs. i stalk myself, which sounds like a really weird hobby now that i’ve typed it out.

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