Things I Own and Love!

20 Mar

Disneykid1 has a blue Adidas one and I totally fell in love with but when I went to the store to pick it up it didn’t feel right. Then I saw this…Fred Perry blue…fucking hot! I use it for school and it’s big enough to hold my laptop! It’s the perfect bag for running to and from class and work or whatever.

blackberry_curve_redMy Blackberry…oh sweet Jesus where have you been my entire life! When I think about what life was like before I owned such a perfect phone that does everything I only come up with blanks. It’s wonderful. I sleep with it literally…maybe this explains why I’m still single. Meh. Anyhow, this phone does everything! While on the go, I check my gmail account, see who’s posted pictures on facebook, or who’s sent another comment on reminding that I’m gay and that I’m going to burn in hell. The only thing missing are the bullets, to shot the gay-haters. One day.

Ok – mine isn’t black but I have best skin of Gwen Stefani’s lips on it. I love my Ipod…seriously I really do. Aside from my collection of Kate Perry, Kate Nash and Iron and Wine, I’ve downloaded a tons of “learning Italian” lessons AND!!!! the book “The Secret”. This tiny little thing does everything!


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