Where is Home?

19 May

There was never a second in my life when I thought I’d ever be homeless. But this is where I’m at and I love it. Before leaving for Italy I sold everything I owned, bought a plane ticket, got my teaching certificate and booked my ass as fast as possible out of the country. Remarkably, there hasn’t been a day when I seconded guessed any of it. Life is what it is and it will be over before I know it. So why waste another second?

Italy was an amazing experience. I learned so much about where I came from, who my parents were and what life would have been like if they never immigrated to Canada. The earthquakes in Abruzzo woke me up to the reality of living in another country. At worst, the most dangerous natural disaster in Canada would be a snow storm and all the Starbucks closing…nightmare! It’s comforting to know that I’m safe here but I can’t control this overwhelming desire to go back.

Today, I’m waiting to see if it’s not too late to enroll at either University of Toronto, or Ryserson, York University, or University of Guelph. I’m not too worried. If it is too late I’ll be contacting my coordinator and buying a plane ticket for China. Part of hopes that it is too late for enrolment. I’ve definitely caught the travelling bug.  At the same time I really want to get this degree thing out of the way.  It would definitely be a personal achievement and a relief to know that I’ve not only earned my college diploma but I’d also have a degree. So either or both experiences would be learning experiences. Who knows I’m open.

On a good note, I’ve completed chapter 5 of Life on Emerson Ave is done. I’m making notes and wrote the first page of chapter 6. It’s interesting and true what they say about giving things time. This new approach to writing and letting things happen natural instead of forcing crap to come out of me has really shown positive results. I’m really pleased with the latest installments. I hope to share more in the near future.


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