26 May

Let me go on record that I’m not a TV junkie but last night confirmed that I am, in fact, vulnerable to this addiction. On A&E there was a back to back marathon of the hit show Intervention.  For those who don’t watch television or have never heard of it, it’s about addictions from alcohol to drugs. The shows producers really deserve an award for their ability to connect the viewer to the person who is dependent. As the family and dependent shared their life story I couldn’t help but feel that this could happen to anyone, especially those who feel less than normal or comparable to the rest of society. The cameras role while they inject, drink and try to forget who they are and why they exist. The last 5 miutes is the actual intervention, where the family and dependent meet with a councillor. They express how hurt and scared they are and finally it’s up to the dependent to make the choice. The choice to live and get help or continue what they’re doing and eventually die. The show literally grabbed me by the balls and didn’t let go. It was emotionally draining to watch.

Up next was the premiere of the addictive show Obsessed, a show about Obsessive Complusive Disorder aka OCD. I’ve always joked about having OCD but this show definitely confirmed that this condition is no laughing matter. The origins of this disorder stems from a traumtic episode that has happened in someone life. Something so painful, terrifying that it has instilled a fear that can’t be ignored. It’s more than a habit and definitely more than a ritual. These people are prisioners in their own lives. Their thoughts can’t be managed or controlled and the need to do, to move, it’s more than a need – it’s literally a life or death situations…at least in their minds .

Watching these shows about disfunction obviously lead me to look inward into my own collection of disfunction and why I do them. When I’m unsure I walk. I walk miles and miles until the blisters under my feet are screaming for me to stop. My mild to moderate insomnia, something I’ve had since I was a kid, is a result of constantly thinking…worrying…obsessing. But are these things something that has prevented me from moving forward with life? I can’t completely say no because I’ve done some amazing things like travelling to Italy, writing a book, completeing college and working in the media world. In my case, and how I’ve looked at everything, these ‘limitations’ have been my spring board into action. They’re the alarm system that reminds me that I need to pay attention to what’s going on.


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