Highs, Lows and all the crap in online dating

13 Aug

mustache 019I’ve tried just about all gay online dating sites and I have to say that when it comes to finding the right guy I’m a mess. But over the years I’ve picked up a thing or two about how to land at least a date. First off when a guy says he’s bored what he’s really telling you is that he’s horning. When he tells you he’s chilling he’s actually jerking off. When chatting with someone younger than you are simple introduce yourself by saying: What’s up? I used ask how they were doing but they never would reply back.

ALSO, the most important thing is to have a face picture. Alot of guys post pics of their chest but most guys online want to see your face!

Be engage and honest with yourself. If this was a real life situation and you were interested in someone you’d ask questions and answer them honestly. Online dating is no different. Sparking an engaging conversation is hard but it’s not impossible. Usually learning something new about someone usually gives you about 2 or 3 questions…after that you to should be in a converation.

It’s pretty easy to tell if someone isn’t interested in you. If it takes the person 10 minutes to reply with a one word answer move on. Don’t bother trying to get their attention. They could be in a conversation with someone else, or on the phone, in the bathroom, making dinner or just not interested in you. Don’t take it personally because it has nothing to do with you…it’s all them 🙂

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