Day 2 on the Smokers’ Cleanse

18 Aug

smokers cleanse 002Last night I cheated. This morning a cheated. But the cheating is so different than any other time I’ve ever tried to quit smoking. First off, I can’t stand morning cigarettes right now. The head rush is so painful and the sick feeling in my stomach is so intense that I immediately butt out the damn thing. After 8pm smoking is almost barely but after an entire day of not smoking I was willing to take my chances. Oddly, even though I hadn’t smoke at all day I couldn’t finish the cigarette.

Regarding curving the cravings: Smokers’ Cleanse did I really good job and I was comfortable for most of the day. There were times when I did want a cigarette but nothing compared to cold turkey. The only trouble I have right now if keeping distracted. When I sit in front of the computer researching or writing that’s when I crave the most. I’m working through the cravings but I have cheated already a couple of times. What I tell myself is that I’m still getting used to the cleanse and that things are going to take time. I document when I do cheat on my blackberry. This is a great habit to get into as it tells me either what to avoid or when I should prepare myself.

I have a strong feeling that I’m going to have to quit drinking coffee. Oh my, I dread the thought! My mornings are shit when I don’t have cream for my coffee. I can’t imagine what NO coffee is going to do to me. The reason why I think I should quit drinking is for no other reason then coffee REALLY makes me want a cigarette!


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