Vision Board pt2

19 Aug

vision board pt2 023


Yesterday I spent the day searching every used bookstore in the GTA looking for magazines for my vision board. I’ve set up challenges for myself to make this a little more fun. No magazine will cost more than a dollar. And, each magazine that I buy must have at least 5 pictures I will use on the board.

Before you begin, know what you want! Because a vision boards activates the Laws of Attraction, it is important to know exactly what you want. For me, there is no other dream than to be a published writer. I wake up each day vision board pt2 021thinking of things to write about and I go to sleep with the hopes that an idea will shine through a dream.

I’m representing my passion for writing by gluing on the pages of Alice Munro’s Friend of my youth. She is one of Canada’s legendary writer’s and three-time winner of Canada’s Governor General’s Award for fiction. I’ve glued approximately 271 pages to the canvas, covering every white space. The canvas has taken on a solid, paper surface. When it’s time to start gluing the pictures of other parts of my life I want to see the words from each page pop out.

The other day, I started ripping out pages from a collection of magazines. Some are pictures of food , photos of adoption families, beautiful rooms, couples, nice clothes etc. But I have to say that now that I’ve completed the backdrop all these things really don’t reflect who I am or what I want. Yes, I do want to adopt and have a family but do I really care if I have fancy clothes or mansion? These are some of things you should think about when creating your own vision board: What do you really want? A Million dollars is only a million dollars until you spend a dollar – after that you’re no longer a millionaire but a dude with a lot of money. What really matters? Happiness does. I know where ever I live it’ll be beautiful because I have great taste. Do what I love makes me happy. For a long time, I thought that in order to be happy one must be secure financially. True it’s a peace of mind having money in the bank but it certainly won’t make you happy in the long run. Money comes and money will stay when you do what makes you happy.

vision board pt2 020

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