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29 Jun

I don’t know why I never thought of this sooner but it totally makes sense that I did this. If you search ‘Phunkybrats’  you’ll be able to add yourself to my group page. There you will find details information regarding videos I’ve made including deleted scenes, plus tons of photos I’ve taken. It’s a work in progress but really fun.


Photos from the G20 summit in Toronto Ontario 2010

29 Jun


Toronto G20 the bullshit behind the protest

29 Jun

We were told there would be peaceful protests happening in the downtown core of Toronto ON. Of course, interest bit me and I needed to investigate…who knew, maybe there would be a protest I’d want to participate in. Wrong…wrong fucking wrong. When I approached the first protest there was nothing inspiring change. Protestors shouted: Get off our streets! The cops stood quietly and prepared to protect. The shouting and standing lasted 10 minutes before the cops felt the need to entertainment the crowd of protestors. What was the bloody point?

Walking along Queen street is usually a great experience. Store fronts with amazing window displays, coffee shops with their doors open and art every where. But this weekend, it was all destroyed. It wasn’t only the banks and corporate giant chain stores that were hit. Small business’ had their windows smashed in, sprayed painted on and robbed. This isn’t what Toronto’s about. We speak our minds to encourage change for the greater good. What I witnessed this past weekend were a punch of drunk, stoned losers taking advantage of an opportunity but having nothing proactive to say.

Why weren’t there protesters asking the questions: WHY ARE WE STILL AT WAR? After all, Obama was in town…wouldn’t it have made sense? Another question I have to ask is WHY WEREN’T PROTESTERS DEMANDING MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS WERE IN?  But no, what the city told the world (Because every national television station was broadcasting this) was this: Get off our streets!


I was never more embarrassed to be a Torontian and a Canadian. The world, those of us who watched all this on the news, will remember Toronto as Stupid, Cold and Spoiled. Instead, this is my protest: DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU’VE SEEN ABOUT OUR CITY. WE ARE INTELLIGENT. WE ARE CARING TO CAUSES. AND WE ARE CULTURED.