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Cat of the day

28 Sep

Hugo curious to know what I have in my lap.


Elaine Gold the baby boomer in online dating

28 Sep

If you think you’ve experienced all there is to online dating I recommend you check out . My friend Elaine has seen it all, heard it all and has the frizzy hair girl complex to boot. On one of her recent dates the guy (10 yrs her junior) asked if she was into the Grateful Dead. Check out her site, me thinks a movie deal will be in the works.

Matt & Nat

16 Sep

Just a quick note: while shopping today at the Eaton Centre I was in a shoe store where the sales clerk was really excited about this line. It’s called Matt and Nat. They make footwear, purses and totes for both men and woman. What’s amazing is that everything is used from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their ‘leather’ line feels genuine and looks beautiful. It’s definitely worth doing a google search for where you can pick up their stuff.

Mastering the Art of inspiration

10 Sep

Here are a few more collages I’ve been working on. They’re really great for working through writer’s block project.
Life on Emerson Ave
Frank Giansante

Life in the closet. A Gay Man Looking Back

9 Sep

Wow the last year has been filled with introductions of fabulous people from all over the world. Some are girls but most are from guys hoping for an answer to their problem. Most of them want to know what it was like to come out but mostly they want to know why I did it. There’s no clear answer because there were many. I could be responsible and say I came out to love a guy or finally live the life I was meant to live and it would all be true. But the biggest reason I came out was to have sex with another guy. My friend Gary reminded me of this when I opened my email and found a note from him. There was this one night, when I was still in the closet, I was on the computer checking out porn. It wasn’t enough anymore – watching someone else have sex. It was a horrible feeling, a physical pain in the pit of my stomach. That night I realized it was a need (sex with guy) like eating, sleeping and breathing. True I wouldn’t die if I didn’t have sex but life was losing it’s luster.
It was confusing, aside from wanting sex from guys there wasn’t anything more I thought I needed from them. Girls and woman have always given me the emotional fulfillment and if sex with them turned me on I would have copious amounts with them. But knowing better now I can say there was no fulfillment, sexually, with girls. I’d be pretending and I was when I was with them.
Life went from beautiful hues of reds, blues and yellows to black. Music has been huge in my life but at one point the sound of someones happiness made me sick. Everything did, from seeing couples holding hands to groups of guys playing basketball. I was isolating myself because I was so miserable. Who wants to be around that? What was really confusing was that in the middle of all this anger, misery and, let’s face it, fear, I hadn’t made the connection yet.
I thought I was pissed off all the time because school was harder than I thought or my girlfriend was spending too much money all the time or I never had enough money to buy the ‘cool’ that fixed everything.
Then one day I snapped, literally. I didn’t care about my life – was it really mine anyway? I said what I needed to say no matter how scared I was. It was scary, it felt like being on stage in a crowded auditorium in a worn and torn pair of underwear. I was introduced to many guys and had sex with some of them. It wasn’t the fulfillment I was after, but I’d figure all that out after a year of being out of the closet.
That’s what it’s about – learning as you go. Learning what? Well you! Before coming out I wasn’t listening to my heart and what it wanted so how in the world could I give anything? Once I learned how to listen to myself I started making better decisions and the sex definitely got better 😛

This is me.

When I was young and stupid but really cute!

9 Sep

I found these photos of me and my friends on msn. I had totally forgotten them (the pics I mean) but I’m so happy they’ve reappeared. Looking through them I’m reminded that I was such a clown, a hog for attention and of course really pretty 😛

Anyhow sharing them with you is awesome and I hope you like them.

Iphone 4 photography project

8 Sep

What can I say about the greatest phone on the planet that people don’t already know? The camera is 5 megapixels and the editing app like Photoshop express (which is free btw) is easy and fun to use. The only problem I have is remembering that I have an excellent camera on me all the time to capture tue brilliance of the moment.