Personal updates: promise to try

5 Sep

Its no co incidence that every September something life changing happens in my life. Well, for starters I’m seeing someone – I know! Its really early to say but if last night is a window into what tomorrow will be like with him all I have to say is sign me up for life! We talked about getting together over the weekend and last night, at around midnight I get a msg on my Grindr – an iPhone app. Its basically a GPS that let’s you know where the gays are around your area. It’s great, chatting is really easy. You’re able to view photos and a brief (more like a couple of words to capture a moment – think twitter) and away you go. This is where I met Mr Right. This is all I’m willing to talk about but may gush more on a later date.

I finally got myself the iPhone 4. For years, since the launch of the very first iPhone, had I wanted one but for whatever reason I settled for crappy phone. Despite what the news is saying I haven’t encountered a single problem with my phone. Browsing the Internet is just like surfing from a laptop (almost) and typing is a breeze. There are no dropped calls but the most amazing part of this phone is the endless amount of apps. Let’s face it I love anything that simplifies my life, entertains me and keeps me social not to mention something that introduces me to new people. the camera shoots clear beautiful photos. I haven’t shot any video yet but I can promise that once I get my hands on the iMovie app I’ll start shooting and edit youtube videos from my phone. Btw, I’m writing this entry from the wordpress app.

Work life has improved. We agreed to move me from back of house at the restaurant that I work at to the front. More experience is what I’m looking for not to mention making a little more money. I’m really looking forward to the change.

Posting youtube videos has been slow, I know but it’s not because i’ve run out of ideas. As most of you know I’m writing a series of 3 books which has been consuming me but I promise to post an update soon.

Other than that life is rolling along and things are looking up. College kids are congesting the streets of Toronto for another semester of school. The heatwave seems to be behind us and the TIFF festival is about to start. Speaking of festivals I really can’t wait for nuit Blanche. For those who have never been to Nuit Blanche it’s an all night festival when the city of Toronto turns into a stage for the livings arts. Everywhere you turn is eye catching and thought provoking and people are everywhere. It’s definitely one of my favorite nights of the year.

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