Life on Emerson Ave by Frank Giansante

8 Sep

When times are tough They say enjoy the simples things in life, ok that’s what I’ll write about. Hardly a simple thing in my life but I really love how my story Life on Emerson Ave has evolved. All the characters have grown into real people. Like in Chapter 5 Rocco’s good friend Jaret is introduced as the caterpillar that’s about to turn into a butterfly. He’s full of generous awkwardness which is really fun to write about. The only thing I really need to concentrate on is Rocco’s behavior when he’s with him. In chapter 5 Rocco meets up with Jaret at the Starbucks on Yonge street, across from Glad Day Bookshop where Rocco works. He’s preoccupied and a little annoyed because the lineup is so big. Jaret already has his drink and sips it while he talks. Jaret is an insecure kid who knows how to hide it well. He lives with his Gran who’s a Pflag grandma and makes her living off her pension and playing online Texas Hold em. She’s a fire cracker but I’ll talk more about her later.
I really enjoy this relationship between the two boys because it’s all about what boys are. There’s no drama (not until the end) they study together, talks about boys and their boyfriends. I really wanted to write about the innocence of being young and it contrasts with Rocco’s other life. Marco, the man with the games and his love interest, stirs up confusion which complicates Rocco’s life. And let’s not forget Aunt Stella, the woman who Rocco lives with -she the woman who knows how right she is all the time. But with Jaret everything is so simple and fun…at least that’s what I hope.
Together they have the craziest adventure and do things that aren’t possible to do with anyone else but I guess that’s what good friends are for 🙂

Btw this collage I did helps illustrate Rocco’s character.


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