Grindr – Iphone app

6 Nov

the best thing since the internet!

Grindr my latest discovery has me literally by the balls. It’s basically a gay GSP that allows users to chat with guys (well those who have the application). The cool thing about this app is that it tells you where these guys are, not their exact location but my kilometers or meters.

On my quest to finding Mr. Right I thought to myself: Hey Why? and downloaded the thing. I’ve met several guys who were interested in sex or dating, or sex and dating. Mostly though, I really enjoy chatting with guys I wouldn’t have met anywhere else…they’re so interesting.

Grindr is really easy to use. Basically, you window shop, tapping on guys pictures to see a brief  (more like a blip) bio (which is basically space to add a quote which doesn’t help), there’s a basic physical description: weight, height, age, and of course how many meters they are from you.

When creating your own profile there is an age range option for example: let’s say you’re 28 years old and interested in meeting guys between 24 and 37, all you need to do is enter those ages and only those profiles will show up.

The app will show you who’s online with a green dot and if you’re interested in chatting with them all you need to do is tap their picture. The great thing about this app is the block option. You have no idea how many times this option has saved my ass.

Warning, make sure you star the guys you are chatting with. The app is constantly updating with fresh faces and if you don’t favorite (or star) the guys you may lose them forever.

Blackberry users fear not as there is an BB version of the app but from what I hear it crashes and you lose the chats.

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