Music I’m listening to right now

6 Nov

First off, sorry for the delay in my post. I’ve started a new job restaurant job where I work 12 hr days, 3 days in a row and when I get my three days off I’m basically sleeping or socializing which I’ll get to in a second. This career change has been an awesome one. When I worked in television I was mentally exhausted and had lost all desire to do anything social. In culinary (excluding right now) I feel good about myself, my mind is calm so I’m able to write (the book is coming along fantastic. I’m not even close to meeting my deadline but whatever) and I’m meeting tons of new people.
Anyhow, this week I’ve chosen the country Denmark. Here are my top 4 favorite songs:

Bromance – Time Berg, #1 on the Denmark Charts

Michael Parsberg Safri Duo – Mad World Raaban Remix , #4 on the Denmark Charts

Kato feat Outlandish Desert walk, #9 on the Denmark Charts

Morten Breum vs. Maskinen – Alla som inte dansar in the Moist (Statsminister Mashup) NOTE: This is my favorite mashup of Moist by Morten which is currently #42 on the Denmark Charts


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  1. Phunkybrat - November 6, 2010

    […] forget to check out this week’s top 4 songs from around the world. This week I’ve chosen Denmark’s […]

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