Online Dating: Roaming a Photoshop Terrian

21 Nov

Online dating services make it sound so easy, like they have the secret ingredient to finding Mr. or Ms. Right. I’ve been online dating off and on for 8 years and all I have to say is believe nothing these services tell you. In the end, online dating is no different than a blind date. There still needs to be an attraction, chemistry, and of course interest. The last ingredient (interest) is where I lack. OMG, some guys, no matter what they wear , think they’re being engaging…but nope. They talk talk talk and nothing. My mind sails off to someplace far far away and I begin to wonder: perhaps it’s not them but myself.

3 Dating Personalities I’ve encountered:

1) Some guys say they’re looking for boyfriends or friends but the truth is they are only looking for pen pals. They may be jerking off while chatting with you and will request nude photos. This could totally work if you have the time to reply back to random emails or text messages but if you’re a busy person and prefer interacting with people face to face this will get old fast.

2) Sex on Sex. Some guys will write on their profile that they are looking for love but are only looking for sex. Soon, as soon as you reply, they will still giving signs that they are horny. Questions like size of your cock, physical description, requests for sexier pictures and quotes like: damn you’re hot let’s do something, are clear give aways and if this isn’t something you’re looking for move on fast.

3) Guys who make careers out of dating. It’s true, I’ve met a handful of men who have no interest in developing a relationship. They don’t like being alone so they’ve created profiles on dating sites to meet people so when they need a filler they can pull out from the pile and his night is possibly complete. Hey, it’s a great idea if you ask me. I mean, I’ve gone out on dates with these types of guys and have had a great time. They’re cultured, charming and social the only problem is when the ‘date’ is over you won’t be seeing them again.



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