Life in the Closet

10 Dec

Most people who are in the closet believe they aren’t hurting anyone. This video proves that when you’re not honest with yourself it does more damage to the people that love you the most. I took a chance (big fucking mistake) to fall in love with someone who was in the closet…still I can’t say I have any regrets and I can’t say anything bad about him aside from that he was in the closet. Please know that it’s not easy turning off the love switch…whether your partner is in the closet or not relationships are hard but it’s up to you what you’re willing to put up with.


One Response to “Life in the Closet”


  1. Phunkybrat - January 17, 2011

    […] birthday, it’s also that time of year when the city of Toronto gets stuck under snow and my mood turns to bla. However, this year instead of falling into the dark corners of winter I’m fighting back with […]

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