Chantelle: Blond Ambition vs. Girlie Show

23 Feb

A friend near and dear but certainly NOT the faithful Madonna fan has challenged my wiki-archive brain claiming that Madonna’s Blond Ambition 1990 World Tour is better than her Madgesty’s 1993 Girlie Show. Yes, I will go on record and say that BA is a classic, if not historical piece of music history. However, GS is her most daring artistic installation that is, still to this day, over looked. I, unlike Chantelle, hadn’t been to either where I have been to GS. I could had gone in grade 6 to the Blond Ambition but I worried (my maturity and lack of common sense weren’t in sync yet) that I would faint and miss the show because I was in hospital.

After our conversation on the telephone, we, Frank & Chantelle, have agreed to compare the following videos:

GS Express yourself was the third song in the concert and BA was the opening song which means it’ll definitely have a ‘get your attention’ edge to it.

Holiday: I’m speechless and torn between the two. I truly love this song!


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