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Perfect timing for love, art and food

9 Oct

no one is perfect

It’s that time of year again…no not that art is only shown during the fall season but when I’m inspired to actually take part in it.

First off, my apologies for not posting my Nuit Blanche pics this year. I have a very good reason as to why they weren’t posted. I never went. The guy I was with and I dodged the whole thing by sneaking down alleyways until we got back to my apartment. I wasn’t feeling it this year. I had finished doing a double shift at work (I’ve since been let go and good riddance) and by the time I met up with my friend all I wanted to do was chill out and smoke pot. Yes, a perfect combination for Nuit Blanche but you see when two Capricorns get together all they want is seclusion and private time. I did manage to check out this one installation. You walked into a tent where the wall were filled with video. The camera person was on a swing in a playground. The whole experience was amazing. I felt like I was back in my hometown Hamilton Ontario playing in a park. The woman beside me, who was clearly stoned as well, leaned over and whispered, “This is just how I remembered it.” She smiled and was gone.

I lost my train of thought. Originally I intended…well who knows what I intended at this point because it’s gone.  But I’ll continue. My friend is a hooker. Let’s go with the truth shall we? And for some reason I’m so interested in him, not his profession but who he is that most times I’m asking questions and he casually answers them. I find the whole experience hilarious with him. I also find myself feeling oddly safe. Like earlier this week my douche bag boss fired me from a job I sorta loved and hated at the same time and the first thing I did was text him and meet up. But to come to all my friend’s defense everyone has been amazing.

Like every Capricorn on the planet I am resourceful and driven. Tomorrow (Sunday) I have a working interview at a restaurant I hope will be a great place to work. You see, or to remind everyone, in 2009 I was laid off from the television industry where I was a closed caption editor. After giving my heart and soul not to mention my time and patience they no longer needed my services. The situation left me feeling used and very broke. Thinking quick on my feet I took off to Europe, true not the started move but definitely worth it, and had the chance to word with my uncle who owned a restaurant. I immediately felt at home as I sliced, diced and served. When I returned to Toronto a friend offered me a dish washing job which turned into a grill cook which ultimately turned into Daytime Shift Supervisor at a Jewish Deli.  The experience was great and even though the fucking fat piece of shit who fired me was a retard, I made some truly good friends.

Back to the hooker. Our relationship is casual friendship, no sex – well not that he needs it – but it’s a piece of mind. He doesn’t judge but thinks outside the box. How people around me forget how important it is to free their mind and explore. EXPLORE!

If I never explored my career options I never would have realized how much I love making breakfast for people. As they say it is the most important meal of the day. Exploration sometimes means taking a chance on something you never thought of before. It could also mean thinking about new ways of doing something. Or, it could mean letting go of what you thought you knew and allow the situation to mold and shift the outcome. Sometimes it feels like I’m taking a passive approach but life is too short to stress over things like getting fired. What’s the point? Will worries speed the process of getting hired? If anything panic will only freeze you where you are.


Flash Forward Festival Iphone Photo Project

9 Oct

Flash Forward Festival

flash forward festival 2010 Toronto Ontario

Emerging photographers from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

6 – 10 October 2010

In Toronto’s Liberty Village at Canada’s brand new festival for emerging photographers: the Flash Forward Festival.

Take part in programming that includes workshops, panel discussions and lectures led by internationally respected industry professionals. View exhibitions featuring the best emerging photography from Canada and around the world. Whether you are an emerging photographer, a seasoned pro or just curious about the visual arts, all are welcome.


Nuit Blanche 2010

1 Oct

Its crazy that Nuit Blanche is 5 years old. As tradition has it, the art event will start at 6:52pm Saturday October 2 and wrap up at sunrise Sunday October 3.

You can follow me on my Twitter (search Phunkybrats). I have my Nuit Blanche iPhone app ready to forward all pictures I take to twitter. It should be fun!

Mastering the Art of inspiration

10 Sep

Here are a few more collages I’ve been working on. They’re really great for working through writer’s block project.
Life on Emerson Ave
Frank Giansante

Iphone 4 photography project

8 Sep

What can I say about the greatest phone on the planet that people don’t already know? The camera is 5 megapixels and the editing app like Photoshop express (which is free btw) is easy and fun to use. The only problem I have is remembering that I have an excellent camera on me all the time to capture tue brilliance of the moment.

Life on Emerson Ave by Frank Giansante

8 Sep

When times are tough They say enjoy the simples things in life, ok that’s what I’ll write about. Hardly a simple thing in my life but I really love how my story Life on Emerson Ave has evolved. All the characters have grown into real people. Like in Chapter 5 Rocco’s good friend Jaret is introduced as the caterpillar that’s about to turn into a butterfly. He’s full of generous awkwardness which is really fun to write about. The only thing I really need to concentrate on is Rocco’s behavior when he’s with him. In chapter 5 Rocco meets up with Jaret at the Starbucks on Yonge street, across from Glad Day Bookshop where Rocco works. He’s preoccupied and a little annoyed because the lineup is so big. Jaret already has his drink and sips it while he talks. Jaret is an insecure kid who knows how to hide it well. He lives with his Gran who’s a Pflag grandma and makes her living off her pension and playing online Texas Hold em. She’s a fire cracker but I’ll talk more about her later.
I really enjoy this relationship between the two boys because it’s all about what boys are. There’s no drama (not until the end) they study together, talks about boys and their boyfriends. I really wanted to write about the innocence of being young and it contrasts with Rocco’s other life. Marco, the man with the games and his love interest, stirs up confusion which complicates Rocco’s life. And let’s not forget Aunt Stella, the woman who Rocco lives with -she the woman who knows how right she is all the time. But with Jaret everything is so simple and fun…at least that’s what I hope.
Together they have the craziest adventure and do things that aren’t possible to do with anyone else but I guess that’s what good friends are for 🙂

Btw this collage I did helps illustrate Rocco’s character.

Writing Tools

20 Jul

Character Profile Rocco from Life on Emerson Ave

I created this collage about 6 months ago. My character Rocco wasn’t developing or evolving because I couldn’t get a clear idea of who he is. Because of his age, I found creating pictures of who I think he is would make the writing process flow much easier. As if turns out I was right.

This huge canvas hangs above my sofa in my writing area of my apartment. Before each session I’ll stare at it until I hear his voice, and wait for him to tell me what to do.

In creating this collage I used the idea of Vision Boards. I collected photos of things, people and places that I felt Rocco would be interested in. I arranged the pictures on the canvas in a way that exampled his energy. Starting from the base I glued the pictures so they fanned out toward the top. This is his energy – he’s like a tree. From root to branch there’s something to look at, something to study and learn from, and he’s amazing to watch.

I use a lot of collages to help me get into his world, Life on Emerson Ave. Sometime, I create collages to start a writing project, other times I use it to help me decode a message that I’m not understanding. For the most part, working on collages keeps me interested in writing. After all, when it comes down to it, everyone is a writer but few have a completed book.