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Recycled Soup labels for wrapping paper

1 Mar

It was quite accidental…really. I didn’t feel like leaving the house to go and get wrapping paper for my friend’s son’s birthday party. So I used what I had around the house.<!–


My favorite is the bow I made using a soup label.


I totally admit that I got carried away with the slipcover greeting card envelope.


Matt & Nat

16 Sep

Just a quick note: while shopping today at the Eaton Centre I was in a shoe store where the sales clerk was really excited about this line. It’s called Matt and Nat. They make footwear, purses and totes for both men and woman. What’s amazing is that everything is used from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their ‘leather’ line feels genuine and looks beautiful. It’s definitely worth doing a google search for where you can pick up their stuff.

Day 2 on the Smokers’ Cleanse

18 Aug

smokers cleanse 002Last night I cheated. This morning a cheated. But the cheating is so different than any other time I’ve ever tried to quit smoking. First off, I can’t stand morning cigarettes right now. The head rush is so painful and the sick feeling in my stomach is so intense that I immediately butt out the damn thing. After 8pm smoking is almost barely but after an entire day of not smoking I was willing to take my chances. Oddly, even though I hadn’t smoke at all day I couldn’t finish the cigarette.

Regarding curving the cravings: Smokers’ Cleanse did I really good job and I was comfortable for most of the day. There were times when I did want a cigarette but nothing compared to cold turkey. The only trouble I have right now if keeping distracted. When I sit in front of the computer researching or writing that’s when I crave the most. I’m working through the cravings but I have cheated already a couple of times. What I tell myself is that I’m still getting used to the cleanse and that things are going to take time. I document when I do cheat on my blackberry. This is a great habit to get into as it tells me either what to avoid or when I should prepare myself.

I have a strong feeling that I’m going to have to quit drinking coffee. Oh my, I dread the thought! My mornings are shit when I don’t have cream for my coffee. I can’t imagine what NO coffee is going to do to me. The reason why I think I should quit drinking is for no other reason then coffee REALLY makes me want a cigarette!

My New Blog

16 Aug





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Green-To-Go Tip of the day!

22 Sep


Before you throw it away think if it might be of use to someone else. A website such as Craigslist is an excellent opportunity to get rid of what you no longer need and give it a chance at a second life with someone else. It’s free to post and the people who visit the website are really cool. Last year I was selling off some books to make room for more. That summer I made $700, cleared out a few of my bookshelves but more importantly made a few new friends!


What you need to do:

1) Select the city you live in.

2) Create a profile using your email (don’t worry personal information is not given out)

3) Write a fun entry that describes what you’re selling.

4) Wait for the emails to start pouring in.


It’s that simple!

September is here (like we need to be reminded!)

18 Sep
change is here

change is here

 I don’t know about you but right now I’m really resenting the whole fact that summer is very much so behind us. Gone are the days of running through sprinklers or chilling out in the back yard past 8PM and not need a sweater. But this doesn’t mean we need to fall a sleep and wait for spring! Fall is here and there’s plenty to do. Here are a few Green to Go tips to help you forget that the nights are colder and the days shorter!

1) Remember to compost your annual plants in the backyard and plant your mums! They aren’t only pretty but they’ll last right up until first frost!

2) Once a week leave the car at home. Instead either car pool, ride your bike or take the public transit. Remember, car exhaust contribute to global warming (think how bad the winter of 2007/8 was!

3) As the nights continue to cool instead of turning on the furnace just toss another blanket on the bed before going to sleep!