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Grindr – Iphone app

6 Nov

the best thing since the internet!

Grindr my latest discovery has me literally by the balls. It’s basically a gay GSP that allows users to chat with guys (well those who have the application). The cool thing about this app is that it tells you where these guys are, not their exact location but my kilometers or meters.

On my quest to finding Mr. Right I thought to myself: Hey Why? and downloaded the thing. I’ve met several guys who were interested in sex or dating, or sex and dating. Mostly though, I really enjoy chatting with guys I wouldn’t have met anywhere else…they’re so interesting.

Grindr is really easy to use. Basically, you window shop, tapping on guys pictures to see a brief  (more like a blip) bio (which is basically space to add a quote which doesn’t help), there’s a basic physical description: weight, height, age, and of course how many meters they are from you.

When creating your own profile there is an age range option for example: let’s say you’re 28 years old and interested in meeting guys between 24 and 37, all you need to do is enter those ages and only those profiles will show up.

The app will show you who’s online with a green dot and if you’re interested in chatting with them all you need to do is tap their picture. The great thing about this app is the block option. You have no idea how many times this option has saved my ass.

Warning, make sure you star the guys you are chatting with. The app is constantly updating with fresh faces and if you don’t favorite (or star) the guys you may lose them forever.

Blackberry users fear not as there is an BB version of the app but from what I hear it crashes and you lose the chats.


Iphone 4 App: GodFinger All Stars

29 Oct

I’m addicted to this app as I am to Grindr but in a completely different way. GodFinger all Stars has you tossing your followers through rainbows and jumping on clouds collecting coins and stars.

In the picture, my follower’s hard work and has paid off, 90 coins which will get you either a new farm or tree or even better more followers!

The sun signs over their heads means that the farm needs to be

replenished by the sun. But not all farms require the sun. Some need rain clouds or lightning bolts.

One of the challenges I need to complete is to add friends to my universe. Most of my friends as cool as they are in the real world don’t play this game. Add me to your universe

Funky Fall Look of mine

13 Oct

As I promised you all my youtubers here’s the picture of me WITH the sunglasses. Leave a comment telling me what you think of my fall 2010 look.

Before I forget, this morning I had a holy cow moment, my Youtube channel, Phunkybrats is at 196 subscribers…WOW! I never thought I’d ever be this popular. Thanks everyone! Now I need to figure out how I’m going to celebrate this moment…feel like coming out for drinks?

a day in my life

12 Oct


walking home from Kensington Market


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and Happy National Coming Out Day! YAYYYY! Wow there’s so much to cover, first off another career change. I’m now working at the Lakeview Restaurant over at Dundas and Ossington in Toronto. There’s also another interview coming up and I’m curious to see what that place has to offer. The great thing about all of this has been my attitude. I never once panicked or went down the shame spiral but rather looked at all of this as a great chance to try something new and meet people along the way. As it turns out I was only unemployed before people started calling. All I have to say is: Be Proactive and pay close attention.

I really wish I had news that my book was finally done but I can’t. After months of revisions I am revising once more but I will say this, I’m so close that I can almost taste it. In the meantime, have you checked out my collage blog I posted on September 10th? Here it is in case you missed it. friend Sojin Chun invited me out the day before Thanksgiving to the Flash Forward Festival in Liberty Village. Check out the pictures I took for Sojin.

Thanksgiving was spend with my bud Ben and his husband Rob and their friend but I can’t remember his name. After working my first shift I booked my ass home, changed as quick as possible and made my way over to their place. Rob is the Supervisor of the kitchen over at the Mariott  Hotel downtown Toronto. I believe he has his Red Seal and was insisting that I go ahead and get mine. I’m looking into it but like always I move at my own pace so leave me alone. Cooking aside from writing is a great love of mine. I know we’ve seen it all before in the single’s profiles of dating sites: I love cooking! As Elaine says, “Good you better or else you’d die!”

Social? I’ve been meeting guys here and there but I haven’t felt anything except a liking for them as friends only. Grindr, the Iphone app, is amazing! It’s basically a GPS that tracks other Grindr users within kilometers of you. If anything as I see it, I’ve had great conversation with some cool guys and of course some booty on the side 😛

I’ve been helping Elaine out with her blog, she’s a great story teller and it’s fun working with her on this project. When together I ask questions and type her answers down, other times I’m strictly typing and listening to the story. What can I say I’m a proud nerd.

Before I forget I’ve been getting tons of emails about when my next video is going to be posted. I have no idea when it will be but I promise I’ll get to it when I’m back on my feet. the holidays are coming up and Frank really wants to go away…far far away. Don’t know where yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Perfect timing for love, art and food

9 Oct

no one is perfect

It’s that time of year again…no not that art is only shown during the fall season but when I’m inspired to actually take part in it.

First off, my apologies for not posting my Nuit Blanche pics this year. I have a very good reason as to why they weren’t posted. I never went. The guy I was with and I dodged the whole thing by sneaking down alleyways until we got back to my apartment. I wasn’t feeling it this year. I had finished doing a double shift at work (I’ve since been let go and good riddance) and by the time I met up with my friend all I wanted to do was chill out and smoke pot. Yes, a perfect combination for Nuit Blanche but you see when two Capricorns get together all they want is seclusion and private time. I did manage to check out this one installation. You walked into a tent where the wall were filled with video. The camera person was on a swing in a playground. The whole experience was amazing. I felt like I was back in my hometown Hamilton Ontario playing in a park. The woman beside me, who was clearly stoned as well, leaned over and whispered, “This is just how I remembered it.” She smiled and was gone.

I lost my train of thought. Originally I intended…well who knows what I intended at this point because it’s gone.  But I’ll continue. My friend is a hooker. Let’s go with the truth shall we? And for some reason I’m so interested in him, not his profession but who he is that most times I’m asking questions and he casually answers them. I find the whole experience hilarious with him. I also find myself feeling oddly safe. Like earlier this week my douche bag boss fired me from a job I sorta loved and hated at the same time and the first thing I did was text him and meet up. But to come to all my friend’s defense everyone has been amazing.

Like every Capricorn on the planet I am resourceful and driven. Tomorrow (Sunday) I have a working interview at a restaurant I hope will be a great place to work. You see, or to remind everyone, in 2009 I was laid off from the television industry where I was a closed caption editor. After giving my heart and soul not to mention my time and patience they no longer needed my services. The situation left me feeling used and very broke. Thinking quick on my feet I took off to Europe, true not the started move but definitely worth it, and had the chance to word with my uncle who owned a restaurant. I immediately felt at home as I sliced, diced and served. When I returned to Toronto a friend offered me a dish washing job which turned into a grill cook which ultimately turned into Daytime Shift Supervisor at a Jewish Deli.  The experience was great and even though the fucking fat piece of shit who fired me was a retard, I made some truly good friends.

Back to the hooker. Our relationship is casual friendship, no sex – well not that he needs it – but it’s a piece of mind. He doesn’t judge but thinks outside the box. How people around me forget how important it is to free their mind and explore. EXPLORE!

If I never explored my career options I never would have realized how much I love making breakfast for people. As they say it is the most important meal of the day. Exploration sometimes means taking a chance on something you never thought of before. It could also mean thinking about new ways of doing something. Or, it could mean letting go of what you thought you knew and allow the situation to mold and shift the outcome. Sometimes it feels like I’m taking a passive approach but life is too short to stress over things like getting fired. What’s the point? Will worries speed the process of getting hired? If anything panic will only freeze you where you are.

Flash Forward Festival Iphone Photo Project

9 Oct

Flash Forward Festival

flash forward festival 2010 Toronto Ontario

Emerging photographers from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

6 – 10 October 2010

In Toronto’s Liberty Village at Canada’s brand new festival for emerging photographers: the Flash Forward Festival.

Take part in programming that includes workshops, panel discussions and lectures led by internationally respected industry professionals. View exhibitions featuring the best emerging photography from Canada and around the world. Whether you are an emerging photographer, a seasoned pro or just curious about the visual arts, all are welcome.


Mastering the Art of inspiration

10 Sep

Here are a few more collages I’ve been working on. They’re really great for working through writer’s block project.
Life on Emerson Ave
Frank Giansante