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Chantelle: Blond Ambition vs. Girlie Show

23 Feb

A friend near and dear but certainly NOT the faithful Madonna fan has challenged my wiki-archive brain claiming that Madonna’s Blond Ambition 1990 World Tour is better than her Madgesty’s 1993 Girlie Show. Yes, I will go on record and say that BA is a classic, if not historical piece of music history. However, GS is her most daring artistic installation that is, still to this day, over looked. I, unlike Chantelle, hadn’t been to either where I have been to GS. I could had gone in grade 6 to the Blond Ambition but I worried (my maturity and lack of common sense weren’t in sync yet) that I would faint and miss the show because I was in hospital.

After our conversation on the telephone, we, Frank & Chantelle, have agreed to compare the following videos:

GS Express yourself was the third song in the concert and BA was the opening song which means it’ll definitely have a ‘get your attention’ edge to it.

Holiday: I’m speechless and torn between the two. I truly love this song!


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Fashion Statement Swift Toronto Style

19 Jan

wish I could go out in public wearing this

I’m taking a study break from biology…honestly I have no idea what biology is but it’s something I have to take in order to become a Registered Practical Nurse.  My head hurts. It’s exhausting the amount of studying I’m doing. I’ve been running around all day. From the library to my apartment (so I can grab another notebook) to the coffee shop (that charged me $10 for a jasmine tea and chocolate chip cookie), to the bank (apparently a money order wasn’t cashed from 2008 and I’m being refunded the cash 🙂 ) However I continue. It’s wet and cold in Toronto, making my trek a miserable experience. But I continue. My Pea Coat is awesome for weather like this. It’s classic and I fit right into any trendy Toronto neighborhood…finally. Not that I was a sore thumb in the past but I definitely have my own style. I don’t conform. I don’t care. I look cute and girls in cute dresses check me out. If they only they knew – I mutter under my breath. I don’t care because I fit in.

Fashion is Toronto and Toronto is fashion…no joke. What you wear counts and every step you take feels like you’re on a runway in Milan…if you’re wearing the right outfit. Today however, it’s all about attitude. The weather sucks remember? It doesn’t help that I have a zit on my forehead which is sad that I’m still getting acne as an adult. Whatever. It’s my fashion statement.

I’m back home and Taylor Swift is on the radio. Normally I’m all about dance and trance but lately I’m seduced her voice. She’s pretty. She’s got style and nice hair. Her music is a great background distraction. I feel like a teenager listening to her music…like I’m fifteen again. God, to never think about being fifteen again. Talk again bad acne. But it’s nice to dream through someone else’ experience. She sings about bigger dreams than her own. She and someone else both cry. I listen. Objective. Seduce. In my pea coat and jasmine tea.

Morning Wonder

18 Nov


17 Nov

My Life: a rocky horror zoo birthday whores with crutches

6 Nov

Finally I have a chance to blog. It seems when there is change in my life all things go to shit. The new job is working out really good and I feel that soon I’ll be able to go back to school for culinary management. The only thing I need to decide on is whether I’m going back part time or full. The writing project Life on Emerson Ave is slowly getting done. Again, the job change and long hours have me sleeping a lot more than usual.

This morning while drinking my coffee I was watching the news when this news story came on. It’s so crazy that I need to post a link about it on my facebook and now on my blog.

Haloween was great. Shana and I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live performance at the Bloor Cinema. Omg, can I say it was great? It was.

The audience threw toilet paper at each other, sprayed water, shouted profanity, and a lot of sexy guys. The crew Excited Mental State did a smashing job.

Don’t forget to check out this week’s top 4 songs from around the world. This week I’ve chosen Denmark’s Charts.

Before I forget, a big shout out to my bestest pal and little bro Ron. He turned 26 yrs old last week so me and our mutual friend Laura took him to the Toronto Zoo. It was great, we got stoned and walked around while kids, dressed up for Halloween, ran around shouting at the animals.


Finally, I’ve been catching up with my Youtube subscriptions and finished watching Kathy Griffin’s Whores On Crutches. OMG you have to watch it…so good!

Music I’m listening to right now

6 Nov

First off, sorry for the delay in my post. I’ve started a new job restaurant job where I work 12 hr days, 3 days in a row and when I get my three days off I’m basically sleeping or socializing which I’ll get to in a second. This career change has been an awesome one. When I worked in television I was mentally exhausted and had lost all desire to do anything social. In culinary (excluding right now) I feel good about myself, my mind is calm so I’m able to write (the book is coming along fantastic. I’m not even close to meeting my deadline but whatever) and I’m meeting tons of new people.
Anyhow, this week I’ve chosen the country Denmark. Here are my top 4 favorite songs:

Bromance – Time Berg, #1 on the Denmark Charts

Michael Parsberg Safri Duo – Mad World Raaban Remix , #4 on the Denmark Charts

Kato feat Outlandish Desert walk, #9 on the Denmark Charts

Morten Breum vs. Maskinen – Alla som inte dansar in the Moist (Statsminister Mashup) NOTE: This is my favorite mashup of Moist by Morten which is currently #42 on the Denmark Charts

It’s Friday! Music to pull me through the weekend

15 Oct

Here’s my top 5 songs I’ll be listening to this weekend.

Bligg – Rosalie

Hands – The Ting Tings

Hey, Soul Sister

seven nation army ben l’oncle soul