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Earthquake in Abuzzo

11 Apr

Hi Everyone,

What can I say? Italy is more beautiful, more delicious, more, dazzling and wayyy more magical than I could have ever imagined. The people are beautiful and very kind. I spent the first 3 days in Rome, the magical and mystical! Today I’m in Abruzzo – yes I survived the earthquakes here. It was terrifying. Every night at 2am we got them. By the fourth night I started to pretend that everything was ok and that my bed just vibrated. The strange things one tells themselves during a crisis. None the less my family and I are healthy and safe. Unfortunately, over 250 lives were lost in L’Aquila. my heart goes out to friends and family. It has been a true devastating disaster.

What can I say about Rome? It’s truly a magical land. Old mixed in witht the new. The young are sexy and beautiful. The old are wise and beautiful. I’ve yet to meet someone who is ugly or rude for that matter.

I promise to post more pictures when I get back to Canada. Until next time, have fun and be jealous.