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2 Mar







Italy A Go!

23 Mar

Change is in the air

9 Mar

Life Unknown

6 Mar

As of yesterday I’m registered for school to get my ESL teaching certificate. It’s an intensive 60 hour course but it goes guarantee work. The lady on the phone told me that it’s going to be hard finding work in Europe and that I should start looking into the idea of teaching in Asia. It’s definitely something I want to do but right now my heart is crying out for Italy…call me crazy.

I wanted to get more familar with the ESL job market in Italy and found this website simply called ESL JOBS. There’s tons of information like what each school is looking for, certifications needed, and what they’ll pay the teacher. In most cases I found that they won’t provide a work permit but fortunate for me I have dual citizenship. To find out more about obtaining my citizenship I went to the Consulate of Itay in Toronto.

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24 Feb


In The Nothing

24 Feb


This morning, I woke up late, brushed my teeth and got dressed. The streetcar was late, or I had just missed the one before and now my coffee is cold. My closed captioning office is freezing and my excel sheet is littered with inaccurate airdates. The hat on my head is too tight and my jeans are loose and droopy. I’m not cool. I’m left out. I’m really fucking bored. This is what the last week of February feels like in Canada. Nothing feels good and everyone is annoyed. The cold has frozen our ability to be kind and we’re just fed up with this fucking cold! CP24 says it’s -14 but the Weather Network (which of course I reead on my Black Berry) tells me it’s 66% humidity…it’s cold. Really cold.