15 Jan

What can I say? I’ve been busy! I can’t believe that it’s been almost one full year since I last posted something. To be honest, I was burnt out from doing videos for my youtube channel Phunkybrats where I helped people deal with their weight issues and come to terms with their sexuality. Everyday I get so many emails from viewers/readers asking for advice or who just want to be heard. It’s an amazing experience to not only be heard but to take my personal experiences, good and bad, to help people all over the world…literally!


But there is a price to pay for opening your life to the world. As much as it was rewarding it was also draining. It suddenly felt like my ‘personal life’ was your domain and some people felt they had the ‘right’ to say what they felt about me while missing my message: share what you have with the rest of the world. So I decided I needed a much needed break. I moved away from Toronto, got out of a dismal relationship and reconnected with my old self. I moved home, started a brand new career as an apprentice chef, and started all over again.


What have I learned about this time away? Well first off I learned in order to change the world you must first change yourself. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! Why do people need to use the word gay as a slander? Why are we still fighting ourselves with our imperfections? And for God’s sake, why are teenagers killing themselves because of bullying? BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!


My challenge this year is to share the tools that I’ve collected to inspire you to be the change that our beautiful world desperately needs. Even though at one point I felt that my personal life was being invaded, I realize that it is important to continue doing what I do because of that reason: If people can see a real person sharing his story, warts and all, maybe they won’t feel so lonely.


So keep sending me your emails and comments!


Chantelle: Blond Ambition vs. Girlie Show

23 Feb

A friend near and dear but certainly NOT the faithful Madonna fan has challenged my wiki-archive brain claiming that Madonna’s Blond Ambition 1990 World Tour is better than her Madgesty’s 1993 Girlie Show. Yes, I will go on record and say that BA is a classic, if not historical piece of music history. However, GS is her most daring artistic installation that is, still to this day, over looked. I, unlike Chantelle, hadn’t been to either where I have been to GS. I could had gone in grade 6 to the Blond Ambition but I worried (my maturity and lack of common sense weren’t in sync yet) that I would faint and miss the show because I was in hospital.

After our conversation on the telephone, we, Frank & Chantelle, have agreed to compare the following videos:

GS Express yourself was the third song in the concert and BA was the opening song which means it’ll definitely have a ‘get your attention’ edge to it.

Holiday: I’m speechless and torn between the two. I truly love this song!


Phunkybrats Facebook Page


4 Feb

On February 17th, Keith will debut “Without You”, the second single off of the three time Grammy winner’s recently released CD Get Closer, with a performance on ABC’s Good Morning America. The song is the follow up to his 24th Top 5 hit “Put You In A Song” which currently stands at #2 on the country charts. Check your local listings and be sure to tune in! In addition, Keith just announced his “Get Closer 2011 World Tour” featuring an all new stage production and Keith’s one of a kind, captivating live performances. Tickets will go on sale beginning February 11th and the tour will make stops in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well as Canada and Australia amongst other locations.

As Bon Jovi’s No. 1 tour closes out 2010 with concerts in Spain, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, the iconic band will ring in 2011 with newly announced worldwide dates in the U.S., Canada and throughout Europe. Bon Jovi 2011 Tour, promoted by AEG Live, is set to kick off in North America this February with tickets going on sale.

For the third consecutive week this week, Kenny Chesney, the 4-time Country Music Association and 4-in-a-row-Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year, celebrates “Somewhere With You” as the number one song on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Dave Matthews Bans Tour Info: 2011 is our 20th anniversary as a band and we want to celebrate by playing music together.  While they are still taking the year off from touring, they have decided to plan four multi-day, multi-artist music events that will take place this summer. They will be sending out save the date emails and announcing more information soon but they wanted to share the news with their fans first.

Rush has confirmed they will play Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on June 30th, 2011. Tickets go on sale Feb 4th with pre-sales for members and AMEX front of line starting Tuesday @ 10AM.

Repair Pal

28 Jan

2004 Ford ExpeditionRepairPal gives you independent and unbiased repair estimates, user
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Find out what your mechanic is doing under the hood of your car. For most of us, the word Timing Belt sounds like something from the movie Back to the Future. Get detailed decriptions  of Water Pumps, for example, at Repairpal.


the monogamists…sort of…

20 Jan

“I’ve done the merry-go-round, I’ve been through the revolving door, I feel like I’ve met somebody that I can stand still with for a minute. Don’t you want to stand still with me?” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, Season 1 episode 7.

Toronto is no different from any other big city on this huge planet. People keep their distance. We introduce ourselves like we’re selling real estate. I’ll Facebook you is the new ‘I’ll call you’. And being thirty is apparently the new twenty…at least this is what I’m told.

In this vast space of a city you would think that an attractive, young thirty-something guy could meet another young thirty-something fella. After all, there’s plenty of fish dot com, gay dot com, and we now have Grindr, a gay GPS to track where all the beautiful men are. Meeting men at your fingertips. Easy right?

True, part of my new year’s resolution is to not date for one year. 365 days of single. I deleted my online dating profiles. Stop making eye contact with cute guys. And stop pretending to be interested in conversations that I’m not really part of anyway. Time to invest in me. My life. I made this decision after a break up…a ditch? Still not sure exactly what to call what happened (he told me he never loved me that I was only a sexual experiment) but it’s over now. As a result, I have all this regret (shut up bitch, there is such a thing as regret. If it doesn’t exist I wouldn’t have any). I learned that I put myself, my life, on hold for my ex and as a result I almost lost myself completely. So I figure one year spent losing myself requires one year gaining an identity.

Am I over thinking? Most Libras would say yes. Thankfully I’m a Capricorn and over thinking is what I do best. But this time I think I bit off more than I can chew. Quitting smoking is easier (another new year’s resolution). I’m keeping distracted with Self-help books, enrolling in a second career program and connecting with friends…well, the ones I have left.

2010 wasn’t the best year, but it wasn’t the worst. When it was good it was great. After all I did fall in love. But when it got bad it was a nightmare. I lost more jobs in one year than I had in my entire career of working. I lost myself completely.

Where’s the balance? Why does it feel like the world has shifted on its axel, knocking some of us on our asses? The world is in a recession and despite the reports on the news that it’s over, more people are still getting laid off. So in the middle of all this chaos why am I writing about finding the one? Insane?

To be honest, part of me screams there’s no such thing as love. That it’s a hallmark greeting to sell a piece of paper. But the young, naive, hopeless romantic in me silently whispers: it does. Don’t give up.

A really hot guy in the television industry once said to me at a trendy club in the Film District, “You can’t find love if your heart’s not open” He said this as he massaged my bottom lip with his finger after sliding his cigar in my mouth for a taste. His words echo in my head like a bad dream after I wake. Is my heart frozen? If so, when did I become this cold person who runs from love instead of toward it?

It reflects like a ray of light off a mirror. People see it, I guess or he wouldn’t have said it. I want to be open. I want to be ready. But every time I try to take a step outside of the refrigerator some idiot will say something completely out of line. First words from a douche bag who didn’t bother to say hi first said, “Are you a top or bottom?” This is the gay introduction. Whether we’ll get along or not. Another snot rag off POF sent me a message before I deleted my profile, “I’ll be single in a month, want to hook up?” Are you for real? And when I refuge to my safe place, my bookstore on Yonge Street, the manager – a 62-year-old plumber, and a scholar in sexually transmitted decreases told me for new year’s he celebrated by hiring a hooker and never wears a condom because he’s a top. What kind of world am I living in?

My hooker friend, yes I have a friend who is a prostitute. But the agreement to our friendship is that he stay in school or the deal is off. He’s getting his PhD in sexuality and in my eyes justifies what he is doing. If it weren’t for school he’d just be a whore…not cool. Anyhow, we smoked a joint after a beer and told me more about his life. He has three boyfriends, five booty-calls and 10-clients. His life is literally a merry-go-round of sex. How he doesn’t shit himself when he sneezes is beyond me. But I don’t judge. It’s his life. However I am part of it.When we’re together we sneak off to the dark corners of earth and laugh and pretend we ‘get’ each other. In a way I do get him. Sex is a game. It’s a job. It’s fun. It’s dirty. It’s fascinating.

If this real life or am I dreaming? When did I become so out of touch with reality that people shock me? And when did I make myself so forgettable?

I use shopping as therapy. I downloaded songs and movies as a rebellious attempt to screw the system but all I’m left with are CD’s with scratched words with black marker. My friend, the Hooker, says that I shouldn’t think about love because it doesn’t exist. In Montreal, where he’s from, people don’t bother to look for love that it apparently lands on their laps. Sex he says is a Toronto thing and if I’m looking for more I need to look else where.

So I shop and wear fancy clothes in my apartment in downtown Toronto. Turned off. Single. And I watch Sex and the City off a burned DVD. People say I’m Carrie Bradshaw but I think it’s only because I’m a writer. I’m not as cool or as smooth or even as cute as she is. In her own dysfunction she knows who she is. What she wants. I don’t. Not anymore. I’m so dizzy from 2010 that 2011 is about making sure I don’t throw up all over it.

If my friend Laura was reading this she’d probably say, “You’re so dramatic sweety, have a drink.” But I don’t want to drink. I don’t want to get drunk. I want to stand still with someone at 3am and as the January chill blows past but not be cold. I’d smile back at Laura and say, “Sure where do you want to meet?” I ignore my wants and agree because this is what I do. It’s company. It’s a Toronto thing to be out and about and not be captive at home because you never who you might meet.

“In a city with infinite options there’s no better feeling than knowing you only have one.” – Sex and the City.

Fashion Statement Swift Toronto Style

19 Jan

wish I could go out in public wearing this

I’m taking a study break from biology…honestly I have no idea what biology is but it’s something I have to take in order to become a Registered Practical Nurse.  My head hurts. It’s exhausting the amount of studying I’m doing. I’ve been running around all day. From the library to my apartment (so I can grab another notebook) to the coffee shop (that charged me $10 for a jasmine tea and chocolate chip cookie), to the bank (apparently a money order wasn’t cashed from 2008 and I’m being refunded the cash 🙂 ) However I continue. It’s wet and cold in Toronto, making my trek a miserable experience. But I continue. My Pea Coat is awesome for weather like this. It’s classic and I fit right into any trendy Toronto neighborhood…finally. Not that I was a sore thumb in the past but I definitely have my own style. I don’t conform. I don’t care. I look cute and girls in cute dresses check me out. If they only they knew – I mutter under my breath. I don’t care because I fit in.

Fashion is Toronto and Toronto is fashion…no joke. What you wear counts and every step you take feels like you’re on a runway in Milan…if you’re wearing the right outfit. Today however, it’s all about attitude. The weather sucks remember? It doesn’t help that I have a zit on my forehead which is sad that I’m still getting acne as an adult. Whatever. It’s my fashion statement.

I’m back home and Taylor Swift is on the radio. Normally I’m all about dance and trance but lately I’m seduced her voice. She’s pretty. She’s got style and nice hair. Her music is a great background distraction. I feel like a teenager listening to her music…like I’m fifteen again. God, to never think about being fifteen again. Talk again bad acne. But it’s nice to dream through someone else’ experience. She sings about bigger dreams than her own. She and someone else both cry. I listen. Objective. Seduce. In my pea coat and jasmine tea.

10 tips for healthy eating on a budget – Nutrition – Canadian Living

18 Jan

10 tips for healthy eating on a budget – Nutrition – Canadian Living.