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16 Jan


My crushes are usually over the top good looking with a hint of dorkiness. It’s my thing and proud of it. This guy, whoever he is, is over the top. Enjoy.



15 Mar


Jake Gyllenhaal…Prince Of Persia

9 Mar

Holy Crap HOT!

is he worth it?

19 Feb



 “I don’t make those a priority who only make me an option.” It was smooth like a razors edge and cut to the chase. All along, I was being played, a puppet on a string  by a stupid, vandictive little boy. Unfortunately and helplessly I was in love and blind. I chose not to see but now I’m awake.

I watched the confidence drain from his face and bit the side of my lip. Guilt, the stupidest emotion, surfaced inside me with a graphic plea for escape. It wanted to show how weak I am, how much I really did love him, and how jaded I’d become.  The window was my only escape. Outside, the world was calm and sunny; a friendlier place than here with him. I hated him. I loved him. He put me through hell but I welcomed it all the same. Love, a messed up, fucked up game. A bedtime story before a kiss goodnight. Boyfriends, what good are they anyway?

Life on Emerson Ave Vlog

9 Feb

Sneak Preview Luccalicious!

31 Dec

Sex: Top, Bottom or Inbetween

17 Oct

When it comes to sex, the difference between top and bottom is pretty clear: someone pokes while the other spreads. The cliche is that tops are masculine while the bottoms are more femme. Some ego dudes will proudly announce themselves as “Total Tops” like they’re some sort of superior sexpert.

Variety, yes, is the spice of life, whether over the course of a relationship or during a single sex session. “I don’t do that because I’m a top (or bottom),” just puts whole big chunks of possible pleasure off limits. It might be better all around to approach the top/bottom thing as a sliding scale, with “total top” and “absolute bottom” as the endpoints — most of us falling somewhere in the middle — and with the whole top/bottom dichotomy taken with a grain of salt. After all, those of us who know the pleasure of getting our faces humped hard wouldn’t say it’s an inferior thing to do, and those of us who have to get it up and keep it there while screwing know the grave responsibilities and hard work taken on by the poor, hardworking top. (Maybe that’s why it often seems that there are so many more bottoms than tops out there.)