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Picture of the day

2 Mar







Bucket List 2011

14 Jan

Here’s my list of ‘To-do’s’ for 2011. Yea some seem boring while others are over the top. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. What are some of your Bucket List resolutions for 2011?

1. Get ‘Boy and the Tomato Patch printed and in stores by summer.
2. Add 200 more subscribers on YouTube Channel
3. Launch Phunkybrat Press Website
4. Register for school
5. Launch ‘Boy and the Tomato Patch’ Website
6. Finish writing Life on Emerson Ave
7. Start Saving Money
8. Be active: Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
9. Create and Maintain a healthy social life
10. Stop depression
11. Read 10 non-fiction books
12. Read 10 Fiction Novels
13. Start making money online
14. See 8 movies in the theatre – one of them must be in 3D
15. Go see a play/muscial
16. Go on a trip to BC
17. Make an extra $1000 a month
18. Buy a proper bed
19. Organize Home
20. Get more clothes
21. Quit Smoking
22. Find cats a home
23. Start collecting workout DVDs and write and shoot a video reviewing them.
24. Start taking more pictures
25. Make more friends
26. Get a bike and start riding again
27. Go to NYC and meet Gary!
28. Go to Spain or Cuba
29. Go to Montreal
30. Renew my driver’s License
31. Release Broken Picture Frame
32. Make more friends on YouTube
33. Paint Apartment
34. hang pictures of friends and family
35. Journal for one year
36. Roadtrip Anywhere!
37. Go see live bands
38. Start reading 3 magazines
39. Tell people they talk too much and I lost interest in the conversation (this is my favorite and I’m really looking forward to doing it)
40. Spend more time with friends in Hamilton
41. Meet people (gay) in Hamilton
42. Go on a book tour for Boy and the Tomato Patch
43. Do a mini documentary
44. Get 5AG to read my book
45. Get SHEP689 to read my book
46. Build stronger confidence
47.  Eat mostly vegetarian
48. Go Camping
49. Do every free event Toronto has to offer.
50. Start public speaking
51. Meet Jay Brannan (I so ❤ him) and see him in concert.
52. Look healthier
53. Be more social – communicate to impress
54. Be happier – fake it until it’s real.
55. Do a sexy photoshoot
56. Take a self-defense class
57. Meet up with an ex for coffee
58. Say Goodbye to my ex
59. Go to the ROM
60. Go to the AGO
61. Get involved with more volunteer work.
62. Write a script for a short film.
63. Stop watching porn 😛
64. Make 500 friends on Facebook group page: bit.ly/dWIzgJ
65. Post unedited, uncensored videos on Facebook group page
66. Make Life on Emerson Ave video
67. Get 1000 followers on Twitter
68. Start Meditating
69. Sleep better
70. Keep in contact with Toronto friends – see if they want to help out with some of my projects
71. Write a short story.
72. Buy True Blood Season 1 and 2
73. Get a better computer and scanner
74. Start Boardgame night with friends – once a month and a bottle of wine 😉
75. Join a writing club
76. Write for another Magazine
77. Do a YouTube collaboration
78. Stop feeling sorry for myself when I’m having a bad day.
79. Make more friends in their 30’s
80. Go see Gogol Bordello Live in concert
81. No more one night stands or booty calls :-S
82. Flirt with more guys
83. Get more plants once the cats are gone
84. Blog More
85. Like more music
86. Go see Conor Southpaw Brown DJ
87. Check out independent bookstores
88. Develop Psychic powers
89. Learn how to read tarot cards
90. Get back into Spirituality, and cleansing
91. Design a zine
92. Meet a cool guy my age
93. Have a dinner party once I quit smoking
94. Start drawing again
95. Publish Prince Raja, get Sarah Zimmerman to illustrate it.
96. Work on a photo project
97. Start hiking again
98. go rock climbing
99. Rent 100 movies/documentaries
100. collect loose change and save it.

Bonus ** Keep all found money on the street and keep it in a jar.

add me to facebook

29 Jun


I don’t know why I never thought of this sooner but it totally makes sense that I did this. If you search ‘Phunkybrats’  you’ll be able to add yourself to my group page. There you will find details information regarding videos I’ve made including deleted scenes, plus tons of photos I’ve taken. It’s a work in progress but really fun.

Laws of Attraction: Vision Board Video

30 Aug

One of my Youtube viewers left a comment basically telling me how to make a vlog. I’ve posted below the comments back and forth between us:

People make vlogs and they forgot that their audience doesn’t know the details that would make the vlog interesting. For example explaining WHY they decided to make a vision board and/or what it means for the personal development might have been nice. And sometimes people don’t realize that including information like this would make their vlogs more interesting/entertaining to watch for their audience.
would you like me to do a series on vision boards? and if so, maybe you could email a bunch of questions you’d like for me to answer. Actually sounds like a pretty good idea. You in?


I’m also ready to listen to anyone who has some insight on improving what I do as a blog/vlogger. To recieve a comment like this from an experienced and more successful Vlogger is a great opportunity to finally get better. Vlogging and blogging is definitely not for someone who wants to be famous for the sake of being famous. That’s what faceboook, twitter and dare I say Myspace are for. There’s a fasination that I have for the Internet world and the people who have done really well on it. It’s a lot of hard work and the slaps in the face from viewers can be overwhelming.  

He has replied back yet but I hope he does. In the meantime, check out my latest video: