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9 Mar



Hot Sexy Crazy : Raoul Bova

19 May

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Jake Gyllenhaal…Prince Of Persia

9 Mar

Holy Crap HOT!

Life on Emerson Ave Vlog

9 Feb

Weight Loss: Loose Skin

11 Dec

Having loose skin should NOT hinder your decision to better your health and your life! Depending on how you lose weight will determine if you become flabby. The best way to prevent this is to workout focusing your attention on Muscle Toning. LADIES NOTE: Using weight will NOT bulk you up so you end up looking like a man. Muscle Toning like yoga will tighten your body and give you shape.

Another benefit to Muscle Toning is this: If you don’t muscle tone will will only look like a smaller version of what you currently look like. So if you are pear shape you’ll look like a smaller pear. Muscle toning will tighten your stomach, give you beautiful shoulder and arms. And let’s not forget how fabulous your legs will look!

NOTE: A video will be posted soon! you can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/phunkybrats

Here’s a way to get motivated!

29 Oct


Eye Candy

28 Oct