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Laws of Attraction: Vision Board Video

30 Aug

One of my Youtube viewers left a comment basically telling me how to make a vlog. I’ve posted below the comments back and forth between us:

People make vlogs and they forgot that their audience doesn’t know the details that would make the vlog interesting. For example explaining WHY they decided to make a vision board and/or what it means for the personal development might have been nice. And sometimes people don’t realize that including information like this would make their vlogs more interesting/entertaining to watch for their audience.
would you like me to do a series on vision boards? and if so, maybe you could email a bunch of questions you’d like for me to answer. Actually sounds like a pretty good idea. You in?


I’m also ready to listen to anyone who has some insight on improving what I do as a blog/vlogger. To recieve a comment like this from an experienced and more successful Vlogger is a great opportunity to finally get better. Vlogging and blogging is definitely not for someone who wants to be famous for the sake of being famous. That’s what faceboook, twitter and dare I say Myspace are for. There’s a fasination that I have for the Internet world and the people who have done really well on it. It’s a lot of hard work and the slaps in the face from viewers can be overwhelming.  

He has replied back yet but I hope he does. In the meantime, check out my latest video: