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Funky Fall Look of mine

13 Oct

As I promised you all my youtubers here’s the picture of me WITH the sunglasses. Leave a comment telling me what you think of my fall 2010 look.

Before I forget, this morning I had a holy cow moment, my Youtube channel, Phunkybrats is at 196 subscribers…WOW! I never thought I’d ever be this popular. Thanks everyone! Now I need to figure out how I’m going to celebrate this moment…feel like coming out for drinks?


a day in my life

12 Oct


walking home from Kensington Market


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and Happy National Coming Out Day! YAYYYY! Wow there’s so much to cover, first off another career change. I’m now working at the Lakeview Restaurant over at Dundas and Ossington in Toronto. There’s also another interview coming up and I’m curious to see what that place has to offer. The great thing about all of this has been my attitude. I never once panicked or went down the shame spiral but rather looked at all of this as a great chance to try something new and meet people along the way. As it turns out I was only unemployed before people started calling. All I have to say is: Be Proactive and pay close attention.

I really wish I had news that my book was finally done but I can’t. After months of revisions I am revising once more but I will say this, I’m so close that I can almost taste it. In the meantime, have you checked out my collage blog I posted on September 10th? Here it is in case you missed it. friend Sojin Chun invited me out the day before Thanksgiving to the Flash Forward Festival in Liberty Village. Check out the pictures I took for Sojin.

Thanksgiving was spend with my bud Ben and his husband Rob and their friend but I can’t remember his name. After working my first shift I booked my ass home, changed as quick as possible and made my way over to their place. Rob is the Supervisor of the kitchen over at the Mariott  Hotel downtown Toronto. I believe he has his Red Seal and was insisting that I go ahead and get mine. I’m looking into it but like always I move at my own pace so leave me alone. Cooking aside from writing is a great love of mine. I know we’ve seen it all before in the single’s profiles of dating sites: I love cooking! As Elaine says, “Good you better or else you’d die!”

Social? I’ve been meeting guys here and there but I haven’t felt anything except a liking for them as friends only. Grindr, the Iphone app, is amazing! It’s basically a GPS that tracks other Grindr users within kilometers of you. If anything as I see it, I’ve had great conversation with some cool guys and of course some booty on the side 😛

I’ve been helping Elaine out with her blog, she’s a great story teller and it’s fun working with her on this project. When together I ask questions and type her answers down, other times I’m strictly typing and listening to the story. What can I say I’m a proud nerd.

Before I forget I’ve been getting tons of emails about when my next video is going to be posted. I have no idea when it will be but I promise I’ll get to it when I’m back on my feet. the holidays are coming up and Frank really wants to go away…far far away. Don’t know where yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Day trip to Artscape – Stop Animation Photography Project

30 Aug

test1 065

This is my friend Sojin while working on a Stop-Animation Project for an upcoming coming Exhibit.  Machine has a video camera suspended at the center and shoots directly over a lighted based.

test1 063

I’m curious to know how the Film Camera operates with computers. The machine is hooked up to a Mac G5 (I think).

test1 067There was another artist working the day I arrived at Artscapes. He too was working on his own Stop Animation but instead of photographs, he was painting directly onto glass films. When he let me see a preview of the clips I was amazed to see that the blobs of paint would swirl and dance in circles. It reminded me of schools of orange and yellow fish swimming in circles. I got nostalgic watching the preview of great chartoons like Fantasia, Dumbo, and Alice in Wonderland.